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Natural Born PrankstersThe popular website Youtube has had a host of individuals who have shown their talents to the large audience. Many stars have risen thanks to the website platform and now viewers can enjoy watching their favorite performances online. Youtubers search for almost any topic as videos ranging from beauty to art ca be found. Each individual that posts their video content have access to their own channel where they can broadcast their information. Users can follow them by subscribing and liking their videos. As time progressed, many who broadcast their videos can move up the rankings in the Youtube pages by being viewed, liked, and subscribed to a certain amount of times. If one’s channel is receiving a lot of attention, this can boost the chances of exposure and more likes. Many times it can lead to profit as companies will be interested in posting their commercials were the most views are being lead to. This is how the Natural Born Pranksters movie came to be. The Youtube platform allowed three young individuals to express their everyday fun and antics to multiple viewers,leading to this movie. It is not easy to move up the ranks on Youtube tough, as the individual must have interesting video content. With a deeper review of the Natural Born Pranksters, viewers can see where the popularity comes from and why their video content is intriguing to audienceswidely.

Natural Born Pranksters

The movie Natural Born Pranksters is a 2016 movie that follows the lives and antics of three individuals on a journey to simply have fun. Vitaly Zdorovetskiy, Roman Atwood, and Dennis Roady are those individuals. Their popularity took years to achieve but once they were seen, they quickly grew into a brand that millions watch for entertainment. The movie continues to support their great pranks by exploring behind the scenes footage before the prank and what occurs during and after the pranks. What makes these pranksters so successful it seems is their attention to detail. They strategicallyplan their bigger pranks, as if it was their profession. They still make light of it and only intend to get laughs out of their jokes. All three of the individuals act in these pranks but Roman Atwood directs and Dennis Roady produces. The trio escalates their pranks as their viewers watch and critic how it’s done.

Vitaly Zdorovetskiy

Vitaly ZdorovetskiyVitalyzdTv is the username on Youtube that most may know Vitaly Zdorovetskiy. He is known for his pranks and is a comedian and is known for acting. He was born in Murmansk, Russia, March 8, 1992, and has seen much success from this career. He was raised in Odessa, Ukraine, and his family emigratedto Florida in his teenage years. He attended Park Vista Community High School for two years and tried a career in skateboarding. This is when he began to post videos of his talents as he practiced his skateboard techniques. He wanted to gain sponsors and promote his skateboarding career and unfortunately, this he was injured and had to choose a different path. This leads him to other video producing, the adult entertainment industry after he turned 18 in 2011.

His career truly took off in 21012 when he began posting videos about his pranks that are later explored in this Natural Born Pranksters movie. The prank that started it all and fused their popularitywith the viewers was their “Miami Zombie Attack Prank”. This prank was inspired by the cannibal attack of a homeless man in Miami that occurred in May 2012, they used this fear to play a prank that would scare bystanders. Only a few years later does the actual video hold 30 million plus views, as it was one of their most popular pranks due to the fact that they played off of actual news going on at that time. The most popularity came from the fact that their video was viewed on television. This shows that the popularity was expanding as users continued to enjoy the actual movie. The video was featured on the popular television show Tosh.0. The trio played with the videos popularity by filming a sequel where the pranksters chased pedestrians through the streets. This video was in Columbus, Ohio, and instead of a zombie mask, they wore a hockey mask. They also had a chainsaw for added effect. The video itself received5 million views in only a week, showing that this team truly embraces their work and entertains millions. It is easy for sequels to fail because many think it is outplayed or the topic is overused, but the team of pranksters managed to create an entertaining video and receive high-quality viewing responses.

As they saw the great response from audiences, they continued to entertain, but in a way that many did not expect. The “Extreme Homeless Man Makeover” was another video that helped their popularity with subscriptions and views. It was on July 20, 2013 when the produced this video where he becomes friends with a homeless man. The man is named Martin and he helps him by basically giving his life a makeover. Vitaly Zdorovetskiy provides him with new clothes to wear and a hotel room. This was incredible as Martin later received a job offering that he accepted. The story continues with him reuniting with his wife. The team used their popularity for good, helping the Martin by creating a fundraiser to help him get his teeth fixed. With their new fame, they raised $10,000 from their online efforts. Unfortunately, Vitaly Zdorovetskkiy’s criminal background forced the cancelation of the fundraising effort but multiple surgeons offered to do the dental work for free. Again, their efforts were broadcasted on television, increasing their fame, and the surgery was done. The story was featured on Good Day LA Fox morning show. This greatly increased their popularity, leading to the movie that broadcasts new pranks and follows their everyday activities.

Natural Born Pranksters Full Movie
Natural Born Pranksters The Full Movie Box

Another famous video was the “ATM Robbery Prank“. This prank sounds ver risky and may be one of the most extreme pranks they had done. It took place on March 4, 2104, where the team pretended to rob an ATM. It involved them jumping out of an SUV and robbing a fake ATM. The ATM’s belonged to Roman Atwood, and were filled with fake money, then placed all over the city of Columbus, Ohio. Many may think they took this too far, as it received mixed reviews from the public. These mixed reviews are what leads to their overall popularity. There were many 911 calls from witnesses. As the police arrived, they were arrested, all of their equipment confiscated, and they were charged with inducing panic and disorderly conduct. The trial was held from June 24 to June 25, 2014, and they won the case. The video itself has over 6 million views and remains one of their most popular videos. This shows that they do what may lead them to other punishments.

The “Gold Digger Prank” was a video that showed to be extremely successful with its first debut. It is one of their shortestvideos but has over 45 million views to date. It features a woman who doesn’t want to go out with the man when he asks to take her out to dinner. The woman in the video believes that it is the guys Lamborghini and she then wants to go out with him. It is a social test that has been proven but the guy then says he doesn’t go out with gold diggers. This is another one of their videos that show meaning behind it and although it received a mixed response, it still greatly enhanced their popularity.

The “Russian Hitman Prank” was a video that came to be on July 16, 2012. This was filmed by Vitaly Zdorovetskiy and the cameraman Jonathan Vanegas. Vitaly Zdorovetskiy approached a random man and told him that he had 60 seconds to get away from a bomb that he placed on the floor in a briefcase. After the man was panicked, he was then told that it was all a prank. The man then attacked VitalyZdorovetskiy, after finding out what had occurred and then called the police. The man was later identified as 51-year-oldAndre Brown. When the Boca Raton police arrived, they arrested VitalyZdorovetskiy and was charged with inciting a fake bomb threat. He was then interviewed and showed a very professional outlook on the whole incident. He did not fight back becausethat would be unprofessional of him, and he stood by this. He was sad the man was upset. The victim of the prank did feel like the prank went too far but did not feel that he should be severely punished for his actions. At the time, his channel had about 100,000 subscribers and rose to 4 million subscribers that year. This was due to the popularity of the video and holds another spot for one of the most popular videos they had filmed.

The “Chainsaw Massacre Prank” received over 30 million views in 3 weeks. These are views that many would love to have for their Youtube videos and makes the movie worth watching. This was another brutal prank as VitalyZdorovetskiy dressed as Leatherface from The Texas Chain Saw Massacre. He pretends to saw the legs off of Hanhart syndrome patient NickSantonastasso in front of witnesses.
The 2104 FIFA World Cup incident was a popular stunt that the team had created, giving them more popularity to their already successful career. By this time VitalyZdorovetskiy has the Natural Born Pranksters tattooed across his torso and attempts to kiss German defender Benedikt Howedes. He was then arrestedby Brazilian authorities and released hours later after a fellow Youtuber paid his bail. This friend wasYousef Erakat. His bail was equivalent to $100 US and fortunately, he traveled with his friend as he did this daring stunt.

Roman Atwood

Roman AtwoodRoman Atwood is also behind many of the pranks in the video and has been a part of some of the most popular pranks. His talent comes from him producing videos since his high school years and has since been creating great quality. He joins forces with VitalyZdorovetskiy to create great videos. His videos have been viewed over 1 billion times and hehas been successful with the team.

One of his famous videos was the “Anniversary Prank Backfires!!“. It was posted on November 20, 2013, and has over 70 million views. In the video, Roman Atwood is pranking his girlfriend on their 5th anniversary when he tells her that he cheated on her. He doesn’t know that his girlfriend knows that it is a prank because she saw him set up cameras. So, she tells him that she cheated on him. She thought he was going to propose but by the end, she paid along.

Roman Atwood also had great views with his “Plastic Ball Prank”, where he fills his house with plastic balls. The video had over 50 million viewsand it caught the attention of Nissan. They gave him a 2015 Nissan GTR to use his video in the WithDad campaign during thehalf-time advert at the Super Bowl XLIX. It was awarded the best Brand Campaign for the 5th Streamy Awards.

The “Killing My Own Kid Prank!!” was another popular video that was posted. The video shows Roman Atwood agin pranking his girlfriend by getting the help of his youngest son, 4-year-old Kane. He throws a mannequin of his son over a balcony. She goes over to the mannequinand pulls off the Spiderman mask and knows its a prank. She then cries and when she meets up with Roman Atwood and tells him he’s sleeping on the couch when she asks if she’s really that mad.

Dennis Roady

Dennis RoadyDennis Roady adds his great value to the trio. He served in the United Staes Army for 10 years and his first successful video was “Cops Get Owned!!!-Epic Pee Prank“. It had over 23 million views and this helped his popularity so much that he had teamed up with Steve-O.

The movie itself will follow the new pranks that this team has to offer. Is it worth the watch, definitely. The controversy that these videos bring to the table is undeniable. Separately, these individuals bring so much to the table with their own successes in the industry they are in, but combined, they create great entertainment that can occupy a great night out.